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Sarkie's Parking Space


Tyre Letter Painting
Iíve wanted to give this a go for ages, so I used the fiesta as an experiment.

First of all donít buy one of those pens for £5 to do the job. The tip is like a thick felt tip pen, and you cannot paint very accurately and itíll look bad.

Instead get a bottle of white acrylic paint from an art shop/stationers (cost 50p) and some small brushes.

It took me about 1.5/2 hours to do each tyre.

Make sure the tyre is dry, and wipe off any mud/dirt.

Start painting!

It will need at least 5-6 coats

Reapply the layers when they are touch dry

Tip Ė I tried this on the spare which was fitted with a Pirelli and it just looked wrong. I think it suits smaller, less square lettering and a good brand on all tyres if possible!