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Polybushing Upper Rear Radius Arms
I left it a while before doing this, but it made a HUGE difference to how the car handled – the back no longer swayed around, and everything felt a lot more stable.

From the diagram you can see more clearly the setup of the back suspension. The upper radius arms we are going to replace are shown in red.

Rear suspension, upper radius arms shown in red

Before you start be aware that you will need a 24mm socket

It took a good few hours, but I spread this over a weekend

Remove the rear wheels

Jack up the back and place on axle stands

Jack up, and place on axle stands

Remove the stabilizer bar

Jack up the diff, so you can detach the shocks(don’t need to be completely removed)

Bolts may need a good soak of WD40

Lower the diff on the jack, but DON’T remove it(unless your jack can go very low!)

Make a note of how the top of the springs look. The springs aren’t under any compression now, so press down on them slightly and you’ll feel/see them release.

Spring in place

Then twist them in either direction about 90° and they should come straight out.

Springs removed

Jack up the diff again

Remove the bolts to release the radius arms

Removal of bolts(diff in lower left of pic)

Once taken out you need to remove the old bushes

Old bushes in place

The easiest way is with the void bush removal tool(some crop up on eBay for about £20).

Void bush removal tool

This has an outer section that fits over the bush, and an inner section that pushes the bush out when you tighten the bolt. When I did this, the bushes on the diff came out in around 30 secs, whereas the ones on the arms had to be taken to a garage to be pushed out with a vice!

Old one removed

The new bushes come in two parts and just push in.

New bushes fitted

I also took the time to paint the arms while they were off the car

Painted Radius Arms

Refit the radius arms and bolt them back up (this is what took ages – moving the jack up and down to line the bolts up properly!)

Lower the jack and refit the springs(see earlier pic to see how they should sit)

Raise the jack and re-attach the shock bolts

Re-attach the stabiliser bar

Refit the wheels

Remove from axle stands(carefully!)

Finished Result

Go for a test drive and feel the difference!