Sarkie's Parking Space

Sarkie's Parking Space


New Front Speakers (1)
The old speakers distorted really badly even at a low volume so they also had to go. In the interest of originality the new speakers were the same diameter(10cm).

Make sure you don't buy speakers that are too deep as you will run into the same problem as i did about getting enough depth for them to fit with the original girlles.

20 mins, but it took me more like 1.5 hours as I had to fiddle about getting the speakers to fit.

The grilles unclip using a flat blade screwdriver

Old speakers

You can see how bad the old speakers were, as the outer cone had completely perisihed.

Removing backing plate

Undo the four screws to release the speakers and backing plate.

Falling apart in my hands!

I should have seen how much depth there was for the speakers as it was only when I went to put them in that I noticed they werenít going to fit!

New speakers

This meant I had to take a bit more drastic action, and drilled out the back of the speaker pods in the doors to give me the depth needed to mount the speakers.

I know this isnít perfect for the sound, but it doesnít seem to have been very noticeable. (You donít need to take the door trim off for this, but I was wax injecting the doors at the same time)

New Front Speakers (2)
Before drilling:

Speaker pod

After drilling:

Speaker pod drilled

To make an extra bit of space I mounted the speakers behind the backing plate. (as show in the picture)

New speakers behind backing plate

Then the grilles are put back on, and it all looks the same, but sounds much better!

Crystal clear sound!