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My Mondeo
Purchased: 14/12/2005

The newest car I have owned so far. Like all my cars it took a while before I found the right one. I wanted a saloon as you do not see as many as the estate and hatchback versions. In the end I found this one for sale in Autotrader and it was based in Chigham. This was the first time that I'd bought a car at night, so went equipped with a torch to have a good look. It was in really good condition and had just 86k on the clock with a full dealer stamped history.

Just like the Granada it's got all the toys and is really comfortable. The heated front windows and heated seats are very nice on a frosty morning as there's no more de-icer needed! As it's a Ghia X these are some of the extra's you get..

Full leather

Heated front seats

6 Disc CD changer

Electric Sunroof

Climate Control

Traction control


16" Alloys

I had all sorts of problems when I first got it - as it had a bad tendancy to pull to the left. I thought it might just be the tracking, but after having that done by Ford it made no difference. I read a few peoples comments about them being sensitive to matching tyres. It had a miss match of 3 different makes/tread patterns when I bought it, and when they needed to be changed I bought 4 new tyres all round - problem solved!

I was undecided if the boot looked a bit bare without a spoiler (Ford RSAP), but I've left it as it was mainly because of a lack of time and money.

Another change i'd love to get round to is the suspesion. It really needs to be dropped as it looks like its on stilts and wears the outside edges of the front tyres badly.

Ford Mondeo Mk2 2.0 Ghia X Saloon

Ford Mondeo Mk2 2.0 Ghia X Saloona

Ford Mondeo Mk2 2.0 Ghia X Saloon

Ford Mondeo Mk2 2.0 Ghia X Saloon Interior