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cars Ford Granada 2.8i Ghia X (C779ULS)

My Granada
Purchased Sep 2003, sold Feb 2004

I bought this car back in September from a guy in Berkhamstead for 330. He was an enthusiast and had decided to keep the better of the two he had.

The worst problem with this car was the fuel consumption which was just scary! I think the official figures said something like 25mpg but in reality it was 10-20mpg when not being driven hard! i did manage to get 29-30mpg out of it on a motorway journey if I was very careful!

It was very comfy inside though, as it had leather seats and there was loads of space. All the electric bits were good to play with as well!

When the MOT and Tax ran out I didn't bother renewing them and i took it off the road with the intention of tidying up the body and paint a bit. I did sort out the bits at the bottom of the rear window pillars with some fibre glass & some filler. But i took about a month 1/2 to do it and had got bored by the end, so only one side got finished.

It ended up on eBay and went for 260. Not bad considering it had no MOT or Tax and that the power steering pipe has burst.