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cars Ford Fiesta 1.3i LX (K102AJB)

My Fiesta
Purchased: 10/2002, Sold 14/12/2005

This was a great first car for us. It carried me to and from work, us all around Middlesbrough as well several treks up to Scotland and back (550 miles). This was the car that got me interested in working on cars. We will definitely miss it.

It was given to us by my granddad who hardly used it and was giving up driving. It had only done 31800 miles and been garaged all its life and serviced regularly. He had it from new from the local Ford garage in Wallingford.

The only work carried out was regular oil changes & services, new disc & pads, new radiator and A new exhaust (I knocked the previous one off after going over speed bumps too hard!). I got a set of four wheels with tyres for 40 off eBay which kept us going throughout the time we had it.

Mileage when sold was 80,700 and it still had plenty of life left in it. The tappets were quiet and there was no rust round the filler cap or arches! I part exchanged it to buy the Mondeo as with a new baby we needed more space.

I did a check on the DVLA website out of curiosity and unfortunately it has now been scrapped.

Fiesta Mods
These are the mods that I made to the fiesta. As this was my everyday car I didn't really want to muck about with it too much. Plus I liked it as it was!

Late Mk3 centre console

Ford Puma gear knob

Removed wheel covers

Furry dice

Other Pictures
Taken a few months before I sold it. Still showing the signs of my tyre lettering experiment (1 year on).

Fiesta few months before I sold it

Taken in Kent, summer 2005.

Fiesta in Allhallows in Kent, Summer 2005

Fiesta mk3

Fiesta mk3

Fiesta mk3 Interior

Fiesta mk3 Interior

Fiesta mk3