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cars Ford Cortina 2.0 Ghia (YDF802Y)

My Cortina
Purchased: 17/04/2004, Sold 27/04/2009

I bought this after seeing it advertised on eBay. I contacted the seller and then went to see it down in Hampshire the day after he put it on eBay. I knew straight away that this was the car for me! After a quick inspection and a drive in it, i made him a cash offer to take it off eBay. He accepted and the next day we drove it home despite it pissing it down!

I had been on the lookout for a nice Cortina for a while but all the ones i came across seemed to be 1.6's. We even made a trip to Bristol to see a 2.0 crusader a few weeks before, but the 'bodywork in superb condition' was more than a little bit inaccurate!

I'd always wanted a Cortina ever since I was younger, but never thought I'd ever actually buy one. I'm glad I did, and it won't be the last one. Next time I think it will be a Mk4 estate though...

Have a look under the Jobs/Mods section too see what work I did whislt in my possession.

I was contacted by one of the previous owners who gave me some more background info about the car. Originally it was a company car for a man who worked for BP. When he retired they let him buy the car off them, and he kept it until he stopped driving aged 82 (1996).

This picture was taken in 2003 ago by the above mentioned owner.

Cortina before I owned it

The car was then owned by him from 1996 - 2002. During this time it had extensive work carried out to the rust which had started to take hold. This included repairing the inner sills, jacking points, passenger inner wing, and welding round the filler neck.

In 2002 it changed hands again where it was kept in a garage and never driven in the wet.

On the 17th April 2004 I bought it after seeing the advert on eBay.

I sold it on 27/04/2009 to a guy from Essex who kept it for about a year (as I saw it turn up on eBay). This is the last picture I have from it (which was from that ad).

Last image of the Cortina on eBay after I owned it

Cortina Front

Cortina Rear

Cortina profile

Cortina Interior

Pictures of the Cortina from the original eBay advert.