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cars Ford Capri 2.0 Ghia (BYA610X)

My Capri
Purchased: 08/2005, Sold 10/2005

I had been looking out for a Capri for a while, but was struggling to find one that was just right. Again, just like the Cortina finding a 2.0 was the biggest problem, as I wanted it to be used as my daily drive. The majority were 1.6, 2.8 or 3.0's

After looking for about 6 months I saw this Capri for sale just down the road with a sign in the window. I had seen it around as well as at Harpenden Classics on the common. After seeing it I phoned up to get more details on the spec...

2.8i front stuts

lowered 1.5" all round

polybushed rear end

braided hoses

4 branch manifold

Sierra 5 speed box

1/2 leather Recaros

Red/Orange respray

Black vinyl roof

In the end it had to go, as I needed the money to buy a more practical car although I said at the time it would not be the last one! And 3 years later I bought another one..

The guy who owned it before me had rescued it from a scrap yard then made the modifications, and had it resprayed by a mate. It was originally silver, but that's as much history as I know.

It cropped up on eBay a few years after I sold it, still looking ok - apart from the sear bolsters which hadn't worn well:

Capri Mk3 2.0 Ghia on eBay

Capri Mk3 2.0 Ghia on eBay

Capri Mk3 2.0 Ghia on eBay

Capri Mk3 2.0 Ghia

Capri Mk3 2.0 Ghia

Capri Mk3 2.0 Ghia Interior

Capri Mk3 2.0 Ghia Engine bay

At Harpenden Classics on the Common about a month before I bought it:

Capri Mk3 2.0 Ghia at Classics on the Common

Video I put together from some clips I had of me driving around in the Capri with the Proffessionals theme tune: