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Sarkie's Parking Space

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I thought I would add this section to detail some of the work I have done on my cars that has worked well...and maybe some that hasn't!

I don't know if you find the same thing, but I've occasionally stumbled across sites where people have done things to their car, and that advice has been useful or just interesting to read!

Handy bits

ISO standard colours

DAB Aerial adaptor:
Do a search on eBay for DAB Adapter - Works instead of having to fit a glass mounted aerial.

Cortina Mk4/5 rear seatbelts:
Austin Maestro fit in the saloons. For estates use Mk3/4 Escort estate or Mk2 Granada estate.

Haynes Manual (What it really means)
If you've ever been frustrated by a Haynes manual

read this!

Jobs Done

Capri - Steering Wheel

Capri - Wolfrace Alloys

Using Electrolysis for rust removal

Capri - Minor Jobs 1

Capri - Wing Replacement

Cortina - Fitting K&N filter

Cortina - Stereo fitted

Cortina - Speakers fitted

Cortina - Poly bushing upper rear radius arms

Fiesta - Tyre letter painting

List of jobs to do

BMW - To do

Capri - To do

Cortina - To do

Mondeo - To do