Sarkie's Parking Space

Sarkie's Parking Space


Nut & Bolt Info

I have started making a list of nut/bolt properties as I've been replacing things. If you know beforehand it makes it easier to order replacements before you start a job. If you know anymore, please let me know, and I will update the list.

Bolt/Socket lookup

Head Socket
M4 7mm
M6 10mm
M8 13mm
M10 17mm
M12 19mm
M14 22mm
M16 24mm
Capri Nut/Bolt/Thread Refrence

Description Thread Length No. Style But/Bolt/Thread
Atlas Diff back plate M10 x 1.5mm 25-30mm 10 Hex Washer Bolt
Atlas Diff filler plug 1/2" BSP 1 Tapered Male Thread Thread Plug
Anti Roll Bar to TCA 5/8" UNF 2 Slotted Nut
Wheel Nuts M12 x 1.5mm 4 per wheel Hex 60° Taper Nut
Track Rod Ends 1/2" UNF 2 Thread
Bumper Blade to Bracket 5/16" UNF 1" 6 Carriage Bolt