Sarkie's Parking Space

Sarkie's Parking Space


I managed to get hold of a used K&N filter from eBay in the end for about half the price of a new one, which cost in the region of 50.
You can really hear the difference when you put your foot down - lovely sound!

Total Cost: 2525 Time Taken: 10 mins 10 mins Difficulty: Very EasyDifficulty: Very EasyDifficulty: Very EasyDifficulty: Very EasyDifficulty: Very Easy Very Easy

To start with, the old air filter & housing need to be removed by undoing the screws that hold it to the carb. The unit will then simple lift off as show in the photo.

Engine bay

The filter comes in three parts - Base plate, filter and top plate. Screw the base plate on to the top of the carb. You will need some shorter fixings, as the ones from the original air intake unit are way too long. (These probably come when you buy it new though)

Top view of the carb

After this, then place the element on the base plate, attach the top plate, and screw it all down.


Then admire the finished result and polish it up!