Sarkie's Parking Space

Sarkie's Parking Space

Do I, Don't I need it?

Helping you, by sharing my buying mistakes!
I thought I would start this section, as there are so many times you wonder wether a tool/something is worth getting to help make a job easier. Been there done that, so I might as well pass on my findings to save you making the same mistakes/telling you what is actually worth while!

Usefull Tools

12v Impact Wrench

Coil Spring Compressors

Useless Tools

Eezibleed kit


Eezibleed kit
Don't bother Cost15-18

What's it for?
- Quick or One man bleeding of hydraulic systems

After trying one of these twice, even at the correct pressure (10psi), the cap came off, and spilt brake fluid all over the paint, which left will cause it to strip!! Useless.

- Get someone to pump the brake pedal, and do it the traditional way instead