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Sarkie's Parking Space

Do I, Don't I need it?

Helping you, by sharing my buying mistakes!
I thought I would start this section, as there are so many times you wonder wether a tool/something is worth getting to help make a job easier. Been there done that, so I might as well pass on my findings to save you making the same mistakes/telling you what is actually worth while!

Usefull Tools

12v Impact Wrench

Coil Spring Compressors

Useless Tools

Eezibleed kit


Coil Spring Compressors
Yes, if you need to remove springsCost10-40

What's it for?
- Compressing a coil spring, so it can be safely removed from the strut

These come in various designs. The most basic simply have a hook at each end and a thread which goes through the middle. There is a nut on one end which you tighten, and thus compress the spring. More expensive versions have multiple hooks/grib the spring more securely. Some also encorporate safety catches to stop the hooks from getting knocked off the spring by accident.