Sarkie's Parking Space

Sarkie's Parking Space

Do I, Don't I need it?

Helping you, by sharing my buying mistakes!
I thought I would start this section, as there are so many times you wonder wether a tool/something is worth getting to help make a job easier. Been there done that, so I might as well pass on my findings to save you making the same mistakes/telling you what is actually worth while!

Usefull Tools

12v Impact Wrench

Coil Spring Compressors

Useless Tools

Eezibleed kit


12v Impact Wrench

What's it for?
- Shocking free difficult to remove nuts/bolts

I've had two of these and neither were very expensive or a 'named' make. They work by plugging in a 12v power socket, or connected to the battery by crocodile clips. When you press the trigger it will spin up in the desired direction and then when it's clutch kicks in, it shocks the nut/bolt. Very useful as long as you have the access for it. Note, these do use different sockets (which are black) which are designed for this type of use, whereas standard sockets are not.

- Spanners or Ratchet & sockets + Leverage