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Range History
Introduced in September 1976 the Mk4 was a change from the curvy styling of the Mk3, but underneath the surface it was still basically the same car. Initially it was available in 1.3, 1.6 & 2.0 engines, but from September 1977 a new ‘Cologne’ 2.3 V6 was added for GL and Ghia models.

Officially there was not a Mk5 Cortina, instead Ford called it the Cortina 80, but most people know it as the former. Obvious differences included different headlights, indicators, slated grille and larger rear light clusters.

Cortina Range 1982

Trim levels were base, L, GL and Ghia in addition to special editions - crusader, carousel and Huntsman (Estate Only). Body styles were estate, 4 & 2 door saloons (1300(L)/1600 only). S Versions were also available for L, GL and Ghia models which included updated suspension, Driving lamps, Sports steel wheels, Tachometer and Recaro seats (optional). With the arrival of the Mk5 the S model was dropped, and became an option pack.

Last Cortina 1982

By 1982 the last Cortina rolled off the production lines which signaled the end of an era, and the arrival of the Sierra.

Cortina 80 Changes

Ford Cortina 80

Cortina 80 modifications from mk4

1 Viscous coupled thermostatic fan 7 Plastic bumper end caps
2 Variable venturi carburettor 8 Improved corrosion protection(!)
3 Improved heating/ventilation 9 Redesigned seats
4 New style headrests 10 Revised spring settings
5 Enlarged glass area 11 Wrap around front indicators
6 Wrap around tail lights withintegral fog lights (Saloons only) 12 Deepended front spoiler

Total number sold (Mk4/5)
Total 1,131,850
Crusader Models ~30,000
Carousel Models ~6,000
Huntsman Models ~150