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Cortina Mk4/5 Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide - What to look out for
The Mk4/5 Cortina inherited its running gear from the Mk3. This has been the basis for many kit cars over the years so are solid and dependable. Parts are cheap and are easy to replace.

The 4 speed boxes are tough and shouldn't give a problem and regular oil changes help. Sierra 5 speed boxes are often retro fitted to help with cruising but it's design can leave 5th gear being starved of oil so make sure it's properly topped up.

Type 9 5 speed gearbox

Not a problem, but the casing can rust leading to leaks leaving the diff running dry.

Differential casing

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Worn void bushes on the rear trailing arms can fail causing sloppy handling and the back to wobble all over the place. Even new, the rubber bushes could wear in a matter of months, so replace with poly ones.

Void bushes

Front ball joints and track rod ends can wear causing heavy steering but replacements are cheap.

Look out for DIY lowering springs which have been cut. If your going down this route buy proper shortened springs for around 25 each.

Cortina springs

Any electrical problems are usually due to a bad earth or connection. The headlight fuse can overheat and melt the fuse box causing the lights to stop working.

Fuse Box