Sarkie's Parking Space

Sarkie's Parking Space

Cortina Mk4/5 Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide - What to look out for
The interiors in general are pretty hardy. It's worth bearing in mind that no new replacement items are available and trim will get harder and more expensive to source over time.

Look out for the usual cigarette burns and rips. Driver's seat bottoms can collapse after high milages. The side bolsters wear due to the repeated action of getting in and out. But this is not nearly as bad as Capri's.

Tatty seats

Door Cappings
Wooden door cappings on Ghia & Crusader models fade in the sun. The vineer isn't very thick, so they are easily damaged by water.

'Wooden' door cappings

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Speaker Holes
Only Ghia models were fitted with speakers in the front doors. Many will have been cut which is not a problem unless it's been done badly or they've been removed. Either way you'll need new door cards.

Speaker Holes

Rear parcel shelves are also a popular place to mount speakers.

Parcel shelf mounted speakers

Botched Wiring
If an aftermarket stereo has been fitted, check the wiring is properly connected, insulated and fused. The last thing you want is it causing a fire.

Botched wiring

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