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Cortina Mk4/5 Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide - What to look out for
Like most Ford's, rust is the biggest enemy to Cortina's. The lack of spray guards and inadequate rust protection (even paint in some areas!) doesn't help matters. Cars which were Waxoiled or Zieberted from new tend to fair a lot better.

Front Valence
Not really a huge problem area. Stone chipping can cause this area to pepper. Rust often creeps between the front wing and valence seam

Rusty front valance

Front Jacking Points
Common area - most will have been welded here or need it unless you find an exceptional example.

Rusty front jacking points

Start corroding in the door shuts so lift the door seals. Also check the inner panel around the seat belt mountings.

Rusty sills

These generally don't rust too badly. If the drain holes clog up bottoms will rot out.

Rusty doors

Moisture can collect behind the side moldings and top trim sections (GL & up models).

Rusty doors

Rear Jacking Point
Another common area for them to go. The floor raises at the final 8" of the sill around the rear jacking point. Will crumble if someone attempts to jack the car and the back of the sill disintegrates. Visable rust means there will probably be a good amount more unseen in the sill.

Rusty rear jacking points

Rear Arches
Usual old Ford area, which is easily spotted from the outside or by running your hand behind the lip.

Rusty rear arches

The seam between the arch and the body is suseptable to rust, which can be seen when the rear doors are opened.

Rusty rear arch to body seam

Rear Lower Quarter
Mud collects behind the rear wheel and leads to bubbling.

Rusty rear quarter

My thanks go to the following people for supply some of the images used here.

Smiler for the front valance and rear jacking points
FunkyFordCortina from the Kenet forums for the sills
Tim for the bulkhead rust pictures

If I have mistakenly used any pictures without your prior permission please let me know and I will remove them.

Rear Valence
Rusts between the seams but is more likely to be a victim of parking dings.

Rusty rear valance

Boot Floor
Very bad area especially around the filler neck. The chassis rails below are NOT painted so have no rust protection! Water also collects in spare wheel tub causing the boot floor to fall out.

Rusty boot floor

More hassle than it's worth! The sunroof itself goes crusty around the edges between the seal. Water also gets trapped before getting down the drain holes as there is a lip of 0.5cm. The mechanism needs to be kept well oiled to stop seizing up.

Sunroof seals

The drainage channels that lead from the sunroof can cause problems if they become clogged up. They should exit to the road and not the chassis rails, which rot out as a consequence. Either that or they clog higher up and leak water down onto the floor.

Chassis rails rust out

Perished window rubbers cause the scuttle to rust and can lead to damp floors. This will be visable around the corner of the windscreen. Both front and rear screens suffer from this problem.

Rusty Scuttle

Front Wings
A lack of plastic guards mean mud and water collect in the top rear corners. This causes rotting on the top face and wing top rails.

Rusty Wings

Front Wings/Inner Flitch
The wings bolt on and aren't the main problem. The panels behind are. Check the inner flitch, especially the bonnet hinges as these are tricky to access.

Rusty Wings

Battery Tray
The seam between the tray and the inner wing rots out helping to corrode the inner wing.

Rusty battery tray

Rust occurs especially on the passenger side below the battery. Water combined with battery leaks mean the bulkhead to floor seams rot. Look out for wet carpets.

Rusty Bulkhead

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