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Cortina Mk4/5 Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide - What to look out for
This is intended as a starting point of what to look out for when buying a Cortina. Take someone with you, it's always handy to have someone there to provide a unbiased opinion even if they are not mechanically minded.

I would recommend against buying a car without viewing it. It's amazing what pictures can hide.

Good bodywork is preferable to good mechanics. It can be very expensive to repair extensive rust especially if you're unable to weld.

Be aware that a tatty car with rust around the edges often hides other surprises when you start to look under the surface. An owner that has neglected small problems may have also skipped or bodged other problems rather than fixing them properly.

I hope that this is of some use to you, and good luck Cortina hunting.

The Guide

Part 1 - Bodywork

Part 2 - Interior

Part 3 - Engines

Part 4 - Running Gear

This guide is available to download and print off (no images) in:

Word 97 (233KB) or PDF (45.7KB)

Cortina Mk4/5 Buyers Guide

Cortina Mk4/5 Buyers Guide

The Mk4 2.0s above is owened by Maurice who runs the Cortina Mk1-5 owners club website.