Sarkie's Parking Space

Sarkie's Parking Space

Capri Future Mods

Capri Future Jobs/Mods
The following are things I would like to do if I ever get around to it!

Fit some Wolfrace slots

Replace front bumper

Replace rear bumper

Replace front/rear square number plates with standard

Tint rear lights red

Remove 'Capri' lettering and oval Ford badge from bootlid, and replace with mk2 F.O.R.D lettering

Re-paint grille black/repalce ford badge

Re-paint headlight surrounds black

Replace drivers door (curently it's badly resprayed & rotten)

Replace passenger side wing mirror (smashed)

Replace/Re-paint rear arches

Replace fuel filler cap

Get replacement keys cut

Fit washer pump (missing)

Replace lower grille (missing)

Replaced rear multileaves for singleleaves

Fit A-frame

Replace Interior (black preferably)

Replace driver side front wing

Bonnet Pins

Mk2 grille

Capri Future Mods (continued)
Electronic Ignition

Replace carb for weber 32/26 DGAV

Fit a bolt on K&N

Basic tune up (timing/mixture/idle settings)

Investigate oil leak

Replace front TCA's

Fit some better brakes

Braided hoses

Fit 6-pod dials

Fit black 6-pod dash surround

Replace cracked dash top (Mint black one ready to fit)

Fit original FM stereo

Fix cigar lighter

Replace handbrake gaiter (currently it's blue!)

Find nicer gear knob (used the Puma one from the Fiesta)

Fit a nicer steering wheel (I don't like the standard one)

Install parcel shelf

Fit rear seatbelts

Improve soundproofing

Replace passenger winder handle

Replace front speakers (2nd hand GTO's)

Fit rear speakers (got some FLI ones ready)