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Capri Mk3 Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide - What to look out for
The Mk3 Capri was equipped with either the 1.3 Kent, 1.6/2.0 Pinto, 2.8i Cologne or 3.0 Essex engines. All are fairly tough provided they are looked after and receive regular oil and filter changes. Take the dipstick out and see what colour the oil is. Jet black indicates that it hasn't been changed for some time.

1.3 Kent
Fitted to base models the tappets get noisy with age and timing chains rattle. Look for oil fumes when revved coming from the filler cap suggesting worn piston rings.

Kent engine

1.6/2.0 Pinto
The oil spray bar can become clogged if the oil has not been changed regularly (every 5000 miles). This leads to oil starvation to the camshaft which wears rapidly as a result. Re-designed spray bars with bigger holes cost about 6 and help stop clogging.

the cambelt needs to be changed every 30,000 miles. If the timing belt cover has been removed the belt can get wet and snap as well as rubbing on any surrounding pipework.

Ford VV carburettor's are often replaced by 32/36 DGAV Weber's (found on 2.0's) as the VV spindles wear and the diaphragm is prone to splitting.

Pinto engine

Thanks go to MH_Cortina from the buysellcortina forum for the image of the Kent engine.

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3.0 Essex
Fibre timing gear is a weakness but steel replacements are available

3.0 Essex engine

2.8i Cologne
Noisy tappets are very common. Fibre timing gears are a weak point and the teeth can snap, however stronger steel replacements are available. Bosch K-Jet mechanical fuel injection - Look out for split/loose vacume pipes as these can cause all sorts of running/idleling problems

2.8i Cologne engine

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