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Capri Mk3 Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide - What to look out for
Like most Ford's, rust is the biggest enemy to Capri's. Inadequate rust protection doesn't help matters. Cars which were Waxoiled or Zieberted from new tend to fair a lot better.

Bonnet Edge
The front edge will often go crusty due to stone chips.

Rusty bonnet edge

Front Wings
These go in several places - the upper/rear corners of the wings as well as around the headlamps. Mud from the wheels is thrown up. By the time rust is visable on the outside rust has well and truely taken hold. These panels are welded onto the shell and replacement is a major undertaking. Check the panel gaps between the bonnet if replacements have been fitted.

Rusty front wing

Rust around the headlights.

Rusty front wing

Give them a good prod to check they are solid.

Rusty sills

They have a tendancy to go at the rear as well. You can see where in the picture, under the door and between the rear wing.

Rusty sills

Examine the lower sections of the doors for rust - although by the time it shows up it's too late. Due to the length and weight of the doors the hinges tend to drop with age making them hard to close. If the doors have dropped there may be rust in the A posts - causing the hinges to weaken.

Rusty doors

Rear Arches
Usual old Ford area, which is easily spotted from the outside or by running your hand behind the lip.

Rusty rear arches

Chassis Rails
These are very important to the structure of the car, so make sure these are solid.

Rusty chassis rails

Rear Spring Hangers
Pay particular attention to the rear spring hangers - dangerous and a common MOT failure.

Rusty rear spring hangers

Strut Tops
Like other Escorts the strut tops are a weak spot. Major rust here is an MOT fail as well as being dangerours, as the front suspension could calapse. If this area has been repaired make sure this has been carried out properly and not just plated over.

Rusty strut top

Once again this causes all sorts of problems! The roof is double skinned, so mosture gets into the roof and rots it out from the inside. Obvious signs are scratches on the sunroof from when it has been slid back.
Look out for holes appearing in the area behind the sunroof. If the car has got rust here walk away! The only way to fix this properly is drastic - remove the entire roof skin and replace with one from another Capri - Perferably from a model without a sunroof!

Sunroof rust bubbles

Look closely at the screen pillars and the front scuttle infront of the windscreen. Rust here is difficult to rectify neatly and the screen has to come out.

Rusty Scuttle

Lift up the carpets and have look at the state of the floors. Rust here can be from a leaking screen rubber or rusty A-posts. If these ares have been patched examine them carefully to make sure they have not just been plated over.

Rusty footwells

Rear lower quarter
Mud thrown up from the wheels collects here causing the sheet metal below the bumber to rot. Not too bad, as access is good to weld in a new section.

Rusty lower rear quarter

Unfortunately many Capri's end up with all manner of dreadful body kits which suposedly 'improve' their appearance. Spoilers are easy to remove, but major changes may be hard to reverse.

Dreadful bodykits

However a white X-pack'd Capri with the wide 4 spokes or a set of steel split rims is a different matter!

3.0 X Pack

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