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21-10-2009 - Capri No2, This one's a keeper

31-01-2010 - Goodbye Mondeo, Hello BMW

13-08-2010 - Capri passed it's MOT, Another E30

29-10-2010 - SORN Time

02-03-2011 - Sensible Car Time

27-08-2011 - Enjoy the summer in the Capri (again)

02-11-2012 - BMW-less

After a summer of using and abusing the Capri the tax ran out, so it's time to tackle a few jobs over winter.

First on the list is sorting out the fan which decided to pack up. I then discovered that the electric fan which had been fitted in the past as an override didn't seem to work. The viscous fan is coming off completely and instead I will wire in the electric one properly. You can get an adaptor which fits between the radiator and top hose, which allows you to fit a OEM fan switch. The switch was only about 3 from eBay.

I was collecting parts over the summer (2.8i struts, calipers, disks, etc..) so they are getting refurbished and will be fitted, as well as new pads, etc... The TCA's are also getting changed over along with new bushes.

I have got a replacement exhasut back box from from CCI (2" this time instead of 3") and rear mount, as the previous one had been bodged with cable ties. I was going to get a stainless exhaust made up, but I don't have the money to do that at present.

The IS has been behaving itself apart from one night in Tesco's car park when the fuel pump packed up, so I ended up replacing it in the dark. So far that's 2 E30's and 3 fuel pumps I've been through!

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