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21-10-2009 - Capri No2, This one's a keeper

31-01-2010 - Goodbye Mondeo, Hello BMW

13-08-2010 - Capri passed it's MOT, Another E30

29-10-2010 - SORN Time

02-03-2011 - Sensible Car Time

27-08-2011 - Enjoy the summer in the Capri (again)

02-11-2012 - BMW-less

The Capri is getting used and abused again, and I'm trying to enjoy what nice weather we can grab. Mainly I've just been using it to run to work and back. Getting it back to that position ended up being a bigger job than expected. Mainly getting the ride hide correct with the 2.8i struts, which took a few goes.

I because of the stance, I also had problems getting it tracked, as there wasn't enough adjustment in the track rod ends to get it correct. I ended up having to use a die to cut a bit of extra thread onto the steering arms. Even then, that was only just enough. When I get a chance I will fit some adjustable TCA's, which should give a bit more adjustment, and allow me to correct for the increased camber due to it being lower.

I re-wired the electric fan, so it is now thermostatically controlled, and removed the viscous fan completed. This ended up being one of the more fun jobs I have done for a while!

I knew the exhaust back box needed replacing, but on closer inspection I had to change the lot, and it was in worse condition than I realised. The replacement wasn't the greatest fit either.

That lot done, i'm just going to enjoy it for a bit! Next on my list is to address the interior: Sort the butchered dash surround; replace the cracked dash and fit some 6-pod dials.

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