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21-10-2009 - Capri No2, This one's a keeper

31-01-2010 - Goodbye Mondeo, Hello BMW

13-08-2010 - Capri passed it's MOT, Another E30

29-10-2010 - SORN Time

02-03-2011 - Sensible Car Time

27-08-2011 - Enjoy the summer in the Capri (again)

02-11-2012 - BMW-less

As usual it's been a while since any updates, but the Capri is now back on the road. It needed an exhaust hanger and some welding on the drivers side floor pan to pass, and I got an advisory on the brakes (which have always been bad to be fair).

I've changed my mind again on where I'm going with it - the plan now is to go for a fuel injected 2.0 pinto, then when i want to go 2.9 - the injection tank, etc is already there. I've also fitted/had refurbished a set of Wolfrace Slot Mags, painted the front bezels/grilles back to black and fitted some rear seat belts.

I've also picked up a set of 2.8i blisten struts complete with new vented disks/calipers, so that should help the braking. A recent camping trip fully laden ripped the back off the exhaust so that needs replacing and front tca's badly need doing.

Onto the BMW - I have been on the lookout for a bigger engined E30, as the white 318i was ok, but a bit buzzy on the motorway, and a bit tappety like all M40's seem to be. I also wanted a slightly higher spec. A 325i would have been nice, but good examples are starting to go for big money, so that was out of the question. I drove a 320i and was very dissapointed - it felt heavy and sluggish, so I then tried a 318is which is a fantastic car. Next came trying to find one that wasn't a rust bucket or gone before I got a chance to view it. The amount of times i phoned up just to be told "there's a guy who's already put a desposite down and is coming down with a trailer at the weekend"!

In the end I spotted one on eBay a few miles up the road (typically after months of trawling over the country!) It's a 1990 318is. It seemed tidy and the price was right, so that's the newest addition.

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