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21-10-2009 - Capri No2, This one's a keeper

31-01-2010 - Goodbye Mondeo, Hello BMW

13-08-2010 - Capri passed it's MOT, Another E30

29-10-2010 - SORN Time

02-03-2011 - Sensible Car Time

27-08-2011 - Enjoy the summer in the Capri (again)

02-11-2012 - BMW-less

Main news is that we no longer have the 318is. Basically one of our neighbours reported it for no tax while we were on holiday, so I returned to find the car gone. A lot of ringing around later to find out where it was - the storage costs were too high, so I signed the car over. That left us with a gap, which is were the Seat Arosa has come in!

I've done a few jobs on the Capri this year, but not a great deal. Fitted the 6-pod dials, tinted the rear lenses, and i've just sent my wheels off to be refurbished for the 2nd time! Ever since I had them done the first time, I've had load of wheel wobble from about 40mph upwards, which to be honest has ruined using it more. It's annoying as the place that did them first time round had been recommended on a few forums. I've changed bushes, the anti roll bar, struts, springs, top mounts, hubs, bearings - all with no difference. I've had them balanced 3 times, but still no good either. I picked up another set from eBay about 6 months ago, so between the two, I'm hoping to get one good set!

My next aim is to get the bodywork sorted this winter, but that largely depends on money/finding someone with time to do it.

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