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21-10-2009 - Capri No2, This one's a keeper

31-01-2010 - Goodbye Mondeo, Hello BMW

13-08-2010 - Capri passed it's MOT, Another E30

29-10-2010 - SORN Time

02-03-2011 - Sensible Car Time

27-08-2011 - Enjoy the summer in the Capri (again)

02-11-2012 - BMW-less

The main news is the arrival of the Volvo estate. Yep, we've had to be sensible with a growing family - a lowered 2 door E30 isn't going to be big enough! You can have a look at the details/picture here. I am now using the IS for commuting, and to tide me over until I get the Capri back on the road for the summer. After that I'm not sure at the moment, so we'll see how it goes, but it's a fantastic car, so I really want to hang on to it. I did treat it to some clear front indicators, and smoked side repeaters a few weeks back which I think work well against the silver.

Getting the Capri ready for the road again has turned into a bigger mission than I first thought (doesn't it always!). The 2.8i struts and calipers, have all been rebuilt, but I can't bring myself to put anything back on which is dirty or rusty, so everything has been stripped, painted, new bolts, bushes, etc! I've also got a 2.8i anti-roll bar with poly bushes to go on as well.

However, I think I am going to start looking into getting everything else from now on stripped/powdercoated, as I am sick of how long it takes to de-rust, and paint everything. Plus it's supposed to be a much tougher finish compared to painting.

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